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Hey! What Are You Talking About?

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Sometimes what YOU are asking is not what I am hearing. Let's be clear.

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Getting to the Asphalt Promise Land. What do I do first?

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STOP! You know it’s there. You see it every day when you come into work. You even walk around the crater to get to your front door. It’s your parking lot, and you’ve been ignoring it every day hoping it will go away. I call it “Asphalt Denial”.

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My Pothole Patcher is Bigger than Yours! Size Does Matter!

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In an asphalt industry where “pothole patching” can range from a guy in a pickup throwing asphalt out the back and running over with their truck tires, to 6 or 7 asphalt workers with air compressors, hot box, tack tank, and an asphalt roller working to fill potholes. There’s that balance of cost and quality that many owners try to overcome.

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Getting Bids: Is it what you want and are you paying for what you get?

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Any good consumer is diligent in doing research and getting quotes for any product or service to be done. Asphalt work is no different. Here are a couple of tips to help the process.

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