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Parking Lot Paving

The parking lot is the first impression your clients have of your business. We understand that it's no small investment. Our team of professionals work to preserve and conserve your investment. Paving or re-paving a parking lot can also disrupt the customer flow into your facility. We'll help you minimize the impact, work safely and make sure your parking lot paving and seal coating is finished under the strictest quality guidelines. Soft and wet paint areas are roped off and flagged until they are ready for traffic. 

To help you understand the costs, we will provide copies of all weight bills so you can be sure you're getting what you paid for. It's a common practice among some asphalt paving companies to shave off inches of pavement to pad their bottom line. We quote by the square footage, and calculate total tonnage. You need to know this! A finished parking lot with one inch of asphalt will look just as good as a finished parking lot with two inches. We teach you how to hold your contractors accountable. We work with integrity and we expect our competitors to do the same. Make sure you talk to us before you decide on your next parking lot paving contractor.

Parking Lot Maintenance - Seal Coating and Striping

Part of insuring the value of your paving investment is having a maintenance program designed to extend the life of that investment.  After your asphalt paving project is complete or if you're looking for an asphalt repair service, you should set up a routine parking lot maintenance program. This involves inspection - looking for frost heaves and damage, water damage, cracks and potholes. The sooner issues like this can be discovered, the cheaper it is to repair and the longer your parking lot investment will last. Seal coating is part of the maintenance program. You may not need it every year but often that can depend on the severity of the weather. We offer advanced seal coating application via squeegee or spray. You'll love it because your lot will look brand new. Faded striping can be re-applied as needed.

Asphalt Paving and Seal Coating for Driveways

We also provide asphalt paving and maintenance for residential customers. Whether you are re-paving, are adding a new driveway, T.A.R. Inc. should be your first choice. While many of our customers do their own seal coating, we think you'll be surprised at how cost effective it is to have us do it. We can further fix cracked or crumpling pavement, potholes and poorly maintained driveways. Call us for a free estimate and we'll walk you through the costs and recommendations.

Asphalt Paving - Maintenance and Pothole Repair

We're proud of our trucks! This isn't some fly-by-night asphalt paving company that you come to find out is a guy with a pickup truck and a bucket of sealer! We offer the best technology available when it comes to asphalt repair and pothole filling. You should see our ThermoLay truck in action. In a single pass over a pothole, it cleans out the hole, digs a wedge around the hole, pours the asphalt and then packs and tightens the asphalt area. The trucked is manned by two people, takes half the time to repair a pothole and the repairs last considerably longer than that guy in a pickup with a shovel and some packing dirt.



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