Asphalt Repair
Immediate Asphalt Road Repair
Many contractors cut corners by laying a slimmer amount. Matching the total tonage of asphalt is the consumers only way to insure a quality product

Resurfacing Driveways?
Do I have to tear the whole thing out?

Maybe not! We understand that asphalt paving is no small investment. We can help you reduce your blacktop driveway costs over time. At some point, putting off paving and repair can cost you more than the money you think you're saving. With the features of our Thermo-Lay™® truck we can sometimes repair asphalt damages more easily than other blacktop / asphalt repair companies. Let our team assess your driveway before you choose to completely tear it out. We can give you multiple options for blacktop repair and restoration. Regardless of the scope of your project, TAR Inc. can provide quality, professional results.

If your asphalt is showing signs of wear, don't wait. CALL: 937-435-7280 to request a free estimate for your current repair needs and talk to us about developing a long-term maintenance plan to help prevent future damage.

Regular maintenance of your blacktop should also include periodic driveway seal coating. A properly maintained driveway can easily last 25-30 years even in the harsh Dayton Ohio extremes.

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