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White Stains on My New Seal Coated Asphalt!

“Ahhhhhhh! My nice, black, seal coated asphalt. Nothing compares to seeing the new surface for the first time especially with bright yellow striping. This will last forever.”

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There is a 4” Stripe between Civilization and Chaos

Imagine pulling into a Wal-Mart parking lot and there is no striping. The result would be utter chaos. Cars would be parking in all different directions. People would be driving every which way. Car crashes caused by drivers choosing their own paths and not cooperating with other drivers. You would even see pedestrians strewn along the sidewalk after being hit crossing the parking lot no one would stop to let the cross. Anger would build, people would be frustrated and yes even parking lot rage would ensue. What keeps us from this unraveling of civilization? What keeps us calm and civil? What gives everyone the same rules and guidelines to live by and still get along? Yes, it’s the 4” wide yellow stripe that keeps everyone moving in the right direction.

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