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There is a 4” Stripe between Civilization and Chaos

Imagine pulling into a Wal-Mart parking lot and there is no striping. The result would be utter chaos. Cars would be parking in all different directions. People would be driving every which way. Car crashes caused by drivers choosing their own paths and not cooperating with other drivers. You would even see pedestrians strewn along the sidewalk after being hit crossing the parking lot no one would stop to let the cross. Anger would build, people would be frustrated and yes even parking lot rage would ensue. What keeps us from this unraveling of civilization? What keeps us calm and civil? What gives everyone the same rules and guidelines to live by and still get along? Yes, it’s the 4” wide yellow stripe that keeps everyone moving in the right direction.

Many of us don’t think about those yellow lines in the parking lot. It’s those 4” wide stripes that make sure we park our cars straight. A parking lot without stripes would lose at least 30% of its parking capacity if left up to the individual’s discretion.   

Striping also provides directions for cars to go. With cars moving in the same direction, staying on the right side of the drive lane, we can move efficiently and quickly. In fact more vehicles could be moving in the same space when a parking lot is properly striped. 

Striping provides proportional spaces for the physically challenged by creating enough space to park their vehicle and room to get in and out of their car. These special spaces are placed close to the businesses door so it is easier for them to enter the building.

Striping provides designated areas to cross a parking lot safely. These “hashed” striped areas lets pedestrians know they can cross in these areas and lets the drivers know they need to stop to let pedestrians cross. 

Finally, striping makes a parking lot look bright and inviting. Striping makes people calm and happy.  There is nothing like a newly striped lot that attracts people to your place of business. Striping is an inexpensive way to keep up your curb appeal and attract more customers.

So when you enter that place of business, don’t ignore that 4” wide yellow stripe because it’s the line that keeps chaos at bay.

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