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Getting to the Asphalt Promise Land. What do I do first?

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STOP! You know it’s there. You see it every day when you come into work. You even walk around the crater to get to your front door. It’s your parking lot, and you’ve been ignoring it every day hoping it will go away. I call it “Asphalt Denial”.

You don’t want to know what needs to be done because you know it will cost a lot of money!  You might have already had an estimate that put you in cardiac arrest and you buried in the bottom of the “To Do” pile that has been sitting there for 5 years.  You might even have been beaten over the head with the “Fix this now or Else Stick” threatening that your parking lot will implode and cause the end of the world.  You know you need to do parking lot maintenance, but can’t figure out how to get started and finish it without putting you into financial ruin.  You’re not alone.  Many people face this issue every day.  I have some suggestions that can get you to the “Asphalt Promised Land”.

First, get your estimates.  Request that the estimates are broken down into sections (asphalt repairs, sealcoating, crack filling, and striping) with costs for each section.  This way you can work on a section at a time.

Second, do your asphalt repairs first.  Potholes, left alone, can do the most damage to an asphalt parking lot in the shortest amount of time.  Typically this is the highest cost in an estimate.  If your budget is tight, you can breakdown the repairs over several years.  Set a budget figure you want to spend, and focus on any repairs in high traffic areas first such as drive lanes or walking areas then move out to low traffic areas like parking stalls.  Repair your potholes, don’t patch.  If you repair the holes, the repairs will last 15-20 years. 

Third, get your crack filling and sealing done.  This step may happen several years down the road, but it will preserve what you have and what you have been doing the past few years in repairs.  Sealcoating is typically a few cents per square foot but makes a difference in the longevity of a parking lot.  Sealcoating and striping will spruce up the look of the parking lot as well.

Finally, be patient.  This might take several years depending on your cash availability, but will pay off in the long run in preserving your parking lot.  Remember, doing a little of something is far better than doing nothing.  Stick with the plan; keep moving forward even just a little bit.  Your lot will look like new very soon. 

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