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If Your Pothole Patches Look Like Crap...

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Guess what? They’re crap! I think by instinct we know what quality is. There is a crispness or neatness about quality work, and pothole patching is no different. When we see a patch and it looks like a blob, this doesn’t represent a feeling of longevity or good workmanship. If your patch is lumpy and has tire tracks through it, the pothole patch shows carelessness and indifference.

Potholes have that much drama?  Maybe, the point is that the quality of work in your parking lot says a lot about you and your business.  Pothole repairs that are cut out, loose gravel cleaned up, repairs installed and compacted properly convey crispness or neatness that potential customers instinctively know is quality.  It’s no different than working with a neat, uniformed company representative.  It makes the customer feel confident that the person they are dealing with is competent.

Parking lots are the exterior uniform of your business.  Customers don’t look at specific potholes repairs, but the repairs do create a feeling of clean and neat.  A crisp parking lot exudes quality and competence.  When it’s time to do maintenance on your parking lot, do it right.  It says a lot to your customers.

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