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Don’t Fill Potholes. They get better by themselves.

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Go ahead ignore that little hole in your parking lot. It’s small and I bet it will fill up with dirt and stuff and fix itself. Hey wait! That hole is huge. It was just a tiny thing yesterday. When did that happen? Maybe you can throw a little gravel in it to take care of it. Whaaat? It’s back! And it’s bigger? Go to the hardware store and get a bag of cold patch. $50, for that little bag? I guess you’ll need two. This should take care of it. Noooooo! You patched that hole! It should last forever. The pothole insanity, when will it stop?

TAR, Inc. can stop that crazy merry-go-round.  When you see a pothole starting, we can come out and do a permanent asphalt repair.  Fix it once, and caught early enough for as little as $300.  No ignoring, No getting gravel and filling holes, no cold patch and the time needed to get the cold patch and patching hole. Fixed once and done. 
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