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70 Degrees, the Perfect Temperature to do Asphalt Sealcoating.

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Well, that will account for maybe 5 days a year. So when is the best time to do sealcoating? What is the most perfect time to sealcoat any asphalt surface?

Each manufacturer has a specifications list for sealing any asphalt surface.  There never is a specific type of weather for perfect sealing, rather a range in which the manufacturer specifies the best quality for the application of their sealer. It’s important to follow these ranges in order to meet ASTM national quality standards.

Here are some basic standards:

Sealer is to be applied in temperatures 50 degrees or better over a 24 hour period.

Area needs to dry and free of wet conditions such as rain, fog, or overcast days with high relative humidity.

No standing water.

If temperature is over 90 degrees, the asphalt needs to be cooled immediately prior to sealer application.

If it’s 65 degrees or 95 degrees, it doesn’t matter.  If these standards are followed, the customer will have perfect seal coated drive
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