Pothole Repair - The Thermo-Lay Difference

Immediate pothole repair
The Thermo-Lay™® Hot Asphalt Machine gives us the ability to do permanent asphalt repair with one truck and two people. Not only is it efficient, it’s fast. This is not just a pothole patcher! Other methods of repair require several trucks and pieces of machinery to get the job done. Our process eliminates many of these unnecessary steps. The result is a superior repair for less cost.

As gas goes up, so does the cost of asphalt. So it is best to fix a pothole while it is small. The use of our system allows you to fix those holes affordably while other asphalt companies prefer not to waste time on such small projects.

Winter pothole repair, pothole patching and pothole filling
Need to fill potholes in Dayton Ohio areas? Do you have potholes covered by snow or slush? No problem. If you can find it, we can fix it. Pothole patching may not be enough. Our Thermo-Lay™® truck keeps the new asphalt at an even, constant temperature so we are ready when you are to make permanent and durable pothole repairs.

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