Parking Lot Paving and Asphalt Repair - Dayton Ohio

Our business philosophy

The expense of paving a parking lot is no small investment. Nor should it be an investment for which you cut corners. We operate under a philosophy of preserve and conserve. We do it right. We don't cut corners and your overall cost of ownership, repair and maintenance is reduce. All the while, we're keeping you patrons safe by providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing 1st impression when they enter your business. You have a business to run and asphalt paving and repair shouldn't keep you from running your business. Our crews are very aware of this and work to keep your patrons happy and safe, even if it costs us time. We can do the work in small sections to accomodate your needs and to make your life easier.

From paving through asphalt maintenance

TAR provides a full range of asphalt services. Unlike most asphalt companies, we look to continue a strong working relationship with our clients. By keeping a watchful eye on your asphalt for potential problems while they are small and inexpensive. As a team member, we want your parking lot to last as long as possible.

Quotes / Requests

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